Much has happened since I last wrote. We moved house, The ground moved in Kaikoura, Fidel Castro died and Donald Trump is going to be an actual President of an actual country. The world has been catapulted into uncertain times, and I realise I have been inwardly shaky as a result. It’s hard to know […]

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Zero Waste Baby

Since reading Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste book about 6 months ago I do my darndest to limit my family’s waste, but I can’t yet boast 100% in every area. However one zone which we do pretty well in is our baby… and that’s because after a few adjustments it’s actually really easy! THE DOWN BUZZ Babies are brought into the world in […]

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Dinner Party

As I’ve mentioned before there have been many areas of learning for me over the last year.  In that time I’ve had a solid crack at zero-wastifying my home (our rubbish bin is a small tupperware container now which we currently fill every month or so), detoxifying my home and personal care items, feeding my family organic, whole […]

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30 days

I have decided to set myself a challenge – no complaining for 30 days. And no buying things. I buy too many things. Writing today feels creaky and full of dust and doubt and criticisms. I’ll push through because frankly […]

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