Much has happened since I last wrote. We moved house, The ground moved in Kaikoura, Fidel Castro died and Donald Trump is going to be an actual President of an actual country. The world has been catapulted into uncertain times, and I realise I have been inwardly shaky as a result.

It’s hard to know what to do when the world as you know it is shifting. As humans we cling to the illusion of control, the idea that we KNOW. We build elaborate stories around ourselves and cling to them like a life raft. We do almost anything to avoid living in that true place, that place of not knowing.

In the last couple of weeks I have been grasping for assurance. I want to protect my daughter from this unpredictable world and it’s unknown future. I want someone to tell me everything is going to be ok. I want some relief from this constant, low level buzz of fear in my ears. I want peace.

It’s taken some time but I now know that fear is what got us here, and though it’s the natural response, it won’t get us out. The Earth is calling for a deeper consciousness. More understanding, more love, more kindness, more empathy. You can’t fight fear with fear. And most importantly we need to realise there are no goodies and no baddies – if we truly want to move forward we need to stop doing that to each other. Now.

If we want to be listened to, we ourselves must listen. If we want change, we ourselves must change. If I want peace, then it is my mission to embody it.

“Play a Greater Part” – Part 1 – Bodhisattva for Our Times


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